Horizontal committee

Those ‘Recommendations for Use’ sheets published on this website reflect the status of horizontal Recommendation for Use sheets following the PPE Regulation which are approved by the Horizontal Committee members. They are not endorsed by the PPE Working Group.

When ‘Recommendation for Use’ sheets are endorsed by the PPE Working Group they are published on the website: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/mechanical-engineering/personal-protective-equipment/


RfU 00.007_02_PPE Regulation
RfU 00.016_04_PPE Regulation (003)
RfU 00.021_01_PPE Regulation
RfU 00.022_02_PPE Regulation
RfU 00.051_01_PPE Regulation
RfU 00.062_01_PPE Regulation (002)

RfU 00.050_02_PPE Regulation

RfU_00.064_01_Regulation marking

RfU 00.066 – PPE certificate of two types of PPE

RfU 00.067_01 PPE Regulation Universal instruction document

RfU 00.068_01 PPE Regulation state of the art and hierarchy